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186526 Network have an open peer policy. You can peer with us through our listed IX in PeeringDB or through IP tunneling under IPv4.

Peering over RS is always recommended over direct sessions.

Documentation for the BGP Communities is here.

For your convenience, here are more info about peering.

Security Enforcement

186526 Network has implemented serveral policies to improve security, including:

  1. IRR Filter - Our system will automatically retrieve ASN & IP list from IRRDB (RIPE,ARIN,APNIC,AFRINIC,LACNIC) using bgpq4. 1

  2. RPKI Filter - Our system will validate RPKI information from Cloudflare. We will drop invalid prefix.


AS200536 can provide free transit in some places. If you want to know more, please feel free to ask us.


To get in touch with me, please send mail to the following mailboxes.

About Sunoaki Network LLC


  1. Due to security and trust issues, we do not support AS-SET from RADB/ALTDB or other IRRDBs.